With all the talk about social distancing and stay at home, we thought it would be easiest if you didn't have to leave your home at all!  We are looking to offer Home Delivery to our customers so you can STAY-AT-HOME!  This being a new service, we are will have deliveries and pick ups twice a week in different areas.  We are gathering information now to see where there is interest so we can schedule days to be in a particular area.  An example would be that we would pick up in Winton Meadows on Monday and deliver back on Thursday.  On Tuesday we could be in Cable Beach with delivery back on Friday.  We need feedback from you to determine what days we will be.

Besides our regular services, we are now offering a WASH, DRY & FOLD service at $2.50 per pound + VAT.  This is over 33% off our normal rate for WDF!  During this time, it's not about us making money.  It's about providing a service that will allow you to be in the most safe place you have, your home!  No line, No waiting!

All delivery orders will be paid by credit or debit cards.  No cash will be collected.  Payment will be processed before the return delivery to you.  

If you are interested in this service, please email customercare@neworientalcleaners.com or send a WhatsApp message to 812-6652.