Whether you have to go to a wash house and wait in horribly long lines because of social distancing rules or you just don't want to do you own laundry while we're on lock-down, we now offer a WASH, DRY & FOLD service at over 33% off our regular price!  Bring your clothes in and get your clothing professionally washed, dried and folded for $2.50 per pound* + VAT (Normally $4 per pound). 

Pair this with our new Home Delivery and you can stay in the safety of your own home!  Send an email to customercare@neworientalcleaners.com or send a WhatsApp message to 812-6652.  Someone will be in touch with you.

No lines!  No crowds!

* Minimum of 10 pounds.  Any garments that are dry clean only or delicate will be removed and charged at the normal rates.